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Küsten Gemüse. Original from Dithmarschen.

Cultivating vegetables has a more than 100 years' tradition in Dithmarschen. The original Kuestengemuese vegetables are cultivated only here, in the largest continuous cole crops cultivation area in Europe. For the good, fertile marshes as well as the fresh maritime climate keeping away pests provide optimal conditions for crisp, healthy vegetables.

Trust creates quality.

Our vegetables are produced by selected farmers only - exclusively, and with many of them we have been collaborating since many years. We support them when planning cultivation, controlling growth and quality, harvesting and processing - up to marketing the products. For our retail partners, that has many advantages - as, for instance, maintaining consistent high quality and sufficient delivery capacities.

A day at Küsten Gemüse.


  • We treat resources responsibly.
  • We ensure reliable and cooperative partnerships.
  • We encourage individual responsibility and team spirit.
  • We deal fairly with all partners along the value chain.

Sustainable management. Our goals and achievements.

Our actions are based on the following guiding principles in the field of environmental, economic and social matters. In cooperation with our partners, we continuously develop solutions for the successful production and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ecology: green electricity
At our site, 15% of the electricity required is currently generated in-house, we plan to expand that by 2025. Any additional electricity is 100% green electricity.
Ecology: flowering areas
By 2023, we plan to increase the share of flowering areas of the Gemüsering Stuttgart from 1 hectare to 5 hectares.
Economy: packaging
By 2023, Küsten Gemüse GmbH plans to use 100% recyclable packaging materials for products packaged by us.
Social affairs: employee suggestion
An employee suggestion system has been successfully established.
Social affairs: school projects
From 2021 to 2023, we plan to accompany and support regional school projects in the field of sustainability.

Our promise from

Quality is our key feature and therefore of top priority. That goes for consumers also: more and more often they ask by whom, how and when their food was produced. We therefore guarantee retraceability of our vegetables from soil to shop - according to national as well as international quality standards.



Consumers want absolutely safe vegetables. We make sure of that by adhering to national as well as international quality standards.



Our team is here for you.




Do you have any questions regarding our products, our producers, our quality assurance? Contact us via email, fax or phone - we shall be glad to assist you.

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